Possibilities of lockdown to be extended, caused by some of communities SA
March 28, 2020
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Possibilities of lockdown to be extended, caused by some of communities SA

Government might extent the lockdown due to people who spread the virus rapidly across local communities, It does not mean after the 21 days of lockdown we go back to normal and relax, it will depend on the numbers and effects.

We urge MSHD community, the rest of South Africa and the world to keep it locked. Share with us, with the current situation of arresting irresponsible people ,the raise of infections, Do you think SA will be unlocked after 21 Days?

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  1. Booso
    Booso March 29, 10:01
    Lock us down until September 4 our safety coz people r not complying
    • BigM
      BigM March 29, 17:50
      The Mos
    • BigM
      BigM March 29, 18:02
      There was no need for the lock down of the entire nation . They should have locked down the 700 cases, those who tested positive and the suspected case. They should have taken them to a place like Roben island. So now 57milion peopLe have to suffer because of 700 peopLe. This Lock down wiil worsen thing' This virus will spread to rural Area's were majority of poplatin are elderly and children.
  2. MX
    MX March 29, 11:07
    Is there any provision for us who are not working in descent jobs like municipality? We only have chars and we are renting in the townships, is there any provision like food and rent money?
  3. LadyM
    LadyM March 29, 11:51
    I think if they closed groceries shops will be better because people they taking advantage of that so how about from 30 until 2 April will be last day for everyone to buy groceries and withdraw money from the bank and buy everything they will need
    • Jolene
      Jolene March 29, 20:05
      Disagree totally.at a store there should be military people controlling an ex amount. I'm sorry but url can't extend or close dwn shops.we need to go work now our kids need education.Govern mentioned should control every aspect not shut everyone's life pls man. No extention if military people do their job properly.
  4. Kelwa
    Kelwa March 29, 12:05
    I think we need soldiers in my area in Paarl, people are disobedient here, I dnt know where they get alcohol , please do something about this we don't want to die, these people will get us infected
  5. Dk
    Dk March 29, 12:58
    I think food stores should operate twice a week after month end. Because some people are so stubborn and don't want to follow the rules
  6. jjv
    jjv March 29, 13:20
    the government must help the poor then,maybe things wl b better!
  7. Inam
    Inam March 29, 13:33
    I would like the minister of information to stop playing repeats of soapies such as Generation: The Legacy and many more such as Movhango. And play more of educational programs on SABC 1, 2, 3 not all of south Africans can afford DSTV to watch SABC channel 404 and Newsfeed 405.
  8. Bridget
    Bridget March 29, 13:36
  9. Posh
    Posh March 29, 13:55
    I think shops must be close because us we not getting paid guys why do we suffer for people who are negligent
    • Am
      Am March 29, 20:47
      Open shops only 1 day a week to get what you need
  10. Nikki
    Nikki March 29, 13:57
    I wish the people who were not at home were arrested or locked inside their houses... we have no work that means no money so not going back to sork after 21 days we'll starve anyway. I have NO money until I can work. Thanks you inconsiderate selfish people
    • Am
      Am March 29, 20:51
      I agree
  11. Ash
    Ash March 29, 14:02
    I agree with the sentiment of closing all the shops but some ppl don't have the money to shop before the lockdown, pple should comply with the lockdown but if you have to shop then do so in safety, NOT SAFETY IN NUMBERS
  12. Ab
    Ab March 29, 14:05
    Close shops! Open once or twice a week just for urgent things!!!
  13. Es
    Es March 29, 14:16
    Daar moet meer in die townships uniform me se aan diens gestel word
  14. Dolla
    Dolla March 29, 14:30
    Please will you please explain it again to all south Africans the people dont take it serious
  15. Andrew
    Andrew March 29, 14:31
    They could lick me down for 60days....just do not stop me from buying cigarettes🤪
  16. Chez
    Chez March 29, 14:57
    Please don’t be thick! They cannot CLOSE shops! Some of us have babies who require something from the shop quite often like um I don’t know, MILK maybe? Shutting us down will be horrible. Some of us need to work to provide for our family. People should just listen and stay the hell inside!!!!
  17. Stefina
    Stefina March 29, 14:59
    Ppl r nt complying.. Yes just extend it and maybe a complete shut down for will help.. Close down everything..
  18. D
    D March 29, 15:11
    There is no doubt that this lockdown will be extended because of our actions. In light of this, please support the less fortunate because there is alot of people who lost their jobs because of lockdown, people are loosing income so by all means Government please help our people that are being affected the most.
  19. Elsie
    Elsie March 29, 15:17
    It is a big decision. Because there is still people doing what they want. Specially in the townships and even in some. Drinking in the streets. What will be good is to put the Army in the residential streets. More road blocks. And why must all the essential shops be open? Close some of them. It is not right that they must still work and we don't. Shops at malls must be close than less people will go out. Give times for us to go to the shops. But please try ans put the Army and Police in the residential areas
  20. Elsie
    Elsie March 29, 15:20
    Put the Army and Police in the streets if Residential areas. People still do what they want. Close some of the big shops that is open. This is going to get worse. Extend lockdown.
  21. Lydia
    Lydia March 29, 15:23
    I think they should close this shops cause otherwise we will die hear at katlehong my neibour is selling beer but before all this lock down she was not selling any and where are the police and soldiers they must give us the number where we can report all this this is for our safety we only live once
  22. SKY
    SKY March 29, 15:40
  23. NANNA
    NANNA March 29, 16:28
    I think this down should be extended in till the v I runs is no more , people are very irresponsible , drinking in the streets someone must be selling alcohol somewhere ,the people from forest hill have complained that some children were playing with their friends in the streets and the adults were having fun outside do they not realise that if they get infected they infect their parents and children too , how many more cases are we going to have before they get a wake up call, this must be stopped , I think don't only give these people a fine put them in a place far far away where they have no family take away their phones if they want to act like delinquents then treat thethe as, such this is a dangerous game they are playing and our lives are on the line here , thank you to everyone that's ensuring our safety and working such hard hours it's so appreciated God bless you all Zena Jones.
  24. Chaz
    Chaz March 29, 17:01
    Many cannot even afford 21 days ...I do not have an employer , due to bbbee & drought , my last paying job was in November '19 & and it covered basics ...
  25. Queen TT 😍
    Queen TT 😍 March 29, 18:19
    I think it would be better if ppl can be given a chance to do groceries since they just got paid. After that police can monitor the situation in a strict way. You can't lock ppl inside home wen they are hungry especially in the location n open shops in town n deny them the means of transport. There r no taxes wer I leave, policy offers are biting ppl
  26. Joe
    Joe March 29, 19:59
    So easy for dumb people to say close shops.we have kids tht need fooD.I better half comments here are the ones who's roaming around.no way can it be extented.I got kids to feed n I'm sure others do as well. N our children need to go school.ignorance takes u no wer
  27. Estelani
    Estelani March 29, 20:43
    It is really sad to see how people react and not follow the given guidelines. There is already so many people that are unable to work. I work in grocery store. What people dont realise is that we that work at the moment put our lives and the lives of our families in danger so that people that really need to buy food can do so. And then ther are these ignorant people that comes to the shop just because they felt like it, and they come with their whole family. That is so frustrating having to deal with them trying to explain to them the danger of COVID-19, just to be laughed at in your face and to be told to mind your own business and the leave them alone they will do what they want. Well i am minding my business! YOU ARE PUTTING EVERYONE AROUND YOU IN DANGER! STAY AT HOME! STOP FOOLING AROUND! I am a wife, a daughter, a sister and a grandchild to a fantastic family. But because of my line of work i am putting everyone at risk, and why, to be there for the people that really are in need of buying essential groceries. Not a damn pie and coke because you just felt like it! Please, this is my plea to all my fellow south africans STAY AT HOME, KEEP YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY AND THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU SAFE. THINK ABOUT THE PEOPLE PUTTING THEIR LIFE AND THE LIFES OF THEIR LOVED ONES IN DANGER. I SALUTE ALL THE ESSENTIAL WORKERS! ALL HEALTH CARE WORKERS POLICE AND ARMY FORCE ALL ESSENTIAL RETAIL FOOD WORKERS THE PEOPLE STILL ON THE MINES ESKOM WORKERS MUNICIPAL WORKERS AND SO MANY MORE. MAY GOD PROTECT YOU AND KEEP YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES SAFE!
  28. Z@k
    Z@k March 30, 18:22
    I wish South Africans could take this seriously, we are suffering we got no work no monies to go shopping. Some of us had to take a reduction in salary and if this lock down continues did any one think of the consequences and what is going to happen. As South African s can we adhere and for one fight this together. There’s no color, race, religion that’ Corona virus is choosing, we all one. Please stay at home people. It’s sad but if we adhere maybe will get through this.

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